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2009-06-04 23:28:27 by Danimation4real

I made this post because the onions of the West had a gun to my head. What are your feelings on the onions of the West???


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2009-06-05 00:35:38



2009-06-16 09:08:22

The onions of the West had a gun to your head?
Man,What did you do to piss them off?

Danimation4real responds:

Well I insulted the race of the melons and see they are currently in alliance with the melons and now hate the pineapples, so meh that sucked :(.


2009-12-31 09:20:51

This is in reference to my comment on your animation insults hurt. I suppose I should have used a better word than interactive as that would entail the viewer being able to manipulate the background in some way, which of course, as it is a movie, would be silly. What I mean is there should be more interaction between the characters and the background. There was the one part where you had one guy smash another into a wall and it cracked and crumbled a bit, and that is what I'm talking about. I think it would be cool to use the environment even more in that fashion, as it is not something I see readily being used by the other animators on this site. Granted I haven't watched all of the videos, however, I'm just going based on my experience with the ones I've seen. Hope that clarifies it for you. Anyway man it was sweet.


2011-12-11 10:40:22

Hey dude i think you anims are very kewl